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Technological qualities of root crops and economic efficiency of growing sugar beet hybrids by the KWS company in the conditions of "Rasavske" Ltd. of Kaharlyk district, Kiev region

doi: 10.33245/2310-9270-2018-142-2-34-39
The paper deals with the results of research on the study of the technological traits changes in foreign hybrids root crops of the KWS company sugar beet enterprises under the influence of long-term storage and their economic efficiency. The conducted researches are especially relevant due to insufficiently studied issues of changes in the technological traits of the root crops of the newest hybrids during their storage in the crutches on the field or at the sugar factory.
Estimation of new hybrids of sugar beet by regions of the Forest-steppe allows to predict the genetically determined degree of their plasticity and stability both in the yield and the quality. Hybrids with higher resistance to extreme temperatures are especially valuable.
The researches were carried out during 2014–2015 at the "Rasavske" Ltd. of Kaharlyk district, Kyiv region.
The sugar content in the root crops increased from 1.6% in the Alyоna hybrid to 5.9 % in the Daria hybrid and 6.1 % in the Corydа hybrid, due to the loss of moisture during their prolonged storage. The content of soluble dry matter in the root crops increased from 1.7 % in the Alyonа hybrid to 7.7 % in the Corydа hybrid for the same reason.
The conducted calculations of cell juice quality showed that long-term storage resulted in the highest growth of this indicator by 8.2 % in the Cesaria hybrid and by 7.5 % in the Acatsia hybrid. In the Alyona hybrid, the growth rate of cell juice quality was only 0.8 %, while the Coridа hybrid had the quality of the previous level. In the Olesya hybrid, this indicator decreased by 1.8 % compared with the previous determination period (October 10).
The costs of growing root crops ranged from 17,859 to 20,726 UAH/ha. The highest profit was 17435 UAH/ha and the profitability level was 86.3 % for the Alyona hybrid, while the lowest economic efficiency figures were for the profit of 10,201 UAH/ha and the profitability level of 53.7 % in the Carmelite hybrid.
The highest rates of the technological traits of root crops during the long-term storage of sugar beet were determined in the Alyona hybrid. The highest yield of root crops was in the Daria hybrid – 79.8 t/ha. According to the indicators of economic efficiency the Alona hybrid was the best in terms of profit (17,435 UAH/ha) and the profitability level of 86.3 %.
Key words: sugar beet, hybrids, productivity, yield, sugar content, technological traits, profit, profitability level.


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