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The article is about influence of sowing terms and weather conditions in spring-summer period оn the productivity’s formation of the winter wheat modern varieties in conditions of the South Steppe of Ukraine. It was faund that spring-summer period the main role in formation of crop productivity wasplayed by the length of “renewal of spring tillering-heading” phases, the shortest of which (64-65 days) was in 2013, the sum of effective temperatures thus amounted to 390,4-406,0 °С, and the longest (82-88 days) was in 2015, due to the best weather conditions during the growing season. Plant’s height of winter wheat decreased from early to late sowing terms on the average in of different varieties to 7,4 cm. The best conditions for the growth and development of winter wheat plants were in 2014, when the plant height of the studied varieties reached on the average 75.2 cm (Ovidiy) and 75.8 cm (Odesyka Misiya). The examined winter wheat varieties formed the largest number of productive stems (997 and 959 pcs./m²)) in 2014 by sowing on September 30. The lowest productive stubble (512-614 pcs./m²) was formed by the studied sorts in 2015 by sowing on October 10. The researches have faund that the best weather conditions during the period of "renewal of spring tillering-earing" of winter wheat were in 2013 by sowing on October 10. The highest grain yield of winter wheat (6.40 t/hectares) was formed in 2015 by the sowing of the Odesyka Misiya on September 30. In 2013-2014, the highest yield of the studied grain sorts was collected by sowing on October 10, which was 0.15-0.41 t/ha more than the control – September 30.

Key words: winter wheat, sort, sowing, number of productive stems, plant height, crop yields.


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